Robo24 Service Updates

ROBO24 Update

We have updated our Robo24 service by changing and adding the following features:

Added payment system Waletto.

  • Added the ability for investors to top up their account through a new payment system.

Factor form revision

  • Added view / edit mode for factor
  • Added notification for administrators (manager and master) on factor change
  • Added comments feature when changing a factor
  • Added display of the comment of the last edit

Revision of the strategy form

  • Added strategy viewing /strategy editing mode
  • In viewing mode, added the editorial contents print feature

The reject form of the investor's documents has been improved.

  • Now administrators can pick the reason for the rejection of the investor's documents from the list, specifying detailed information in the comments if necessary

Improvements on the grid of administrators

  • Added general search across all table columns
  • Added settings for the table of administrators
  • Removed search criteria

Improvements on the grid of investors

  • Added investor table settings
  • Added new columns for investors table
  • Added visual display of statuses in the table
  • Added the search feature for new columns.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Changed the name of the “Date of portfolio update” column
  • Fixed a bug when write-offs for services occur before the conclusion of the contract signing
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when switching to the configuration mode in the strategy editing window.

Automatic investment service