The Bank of Russia built up a profile of an investing Russian

Among russian investors, the share of people with large portfolios of more than 100 million rubles is just 0.05%. At the same time, they own nearly 36,4% of all assets. The total volume of the individual brokerage portfolios is ₽6.2 trillion of assets.

The average portfolio of a Russian broker's client does not exceed ₽100,000, containing six assets. In small portfolios up to ₽10 thousand there are two assets on average, whereas the largest portfolios from ₽100 million can include 18 instruments, as calculated by the Central Bank.

About 40% of men's assets are represented by foreign securities, while women's foreign securities account for about 36% of the portfolio.

According to the study, 61% of brokerage clients are men, they account for 74% of assets.

Most Russian investors prefer a "buy and hold" strategy.

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